Disc Injury Relief in Sartell

disc injury can be helped by a chiropractor

Are you dealing with a disc injury or slipped disc in Sartell? The events that caused the disc injury are crucial to the intensity of the injury. With the severe pain that can result and the variety of issues causing it, a trained chiropractor is needed to deal with this issue. The chiropractic team at Good Life Chiropractic has the experience to relieve your pain, and put you on the road to a healthy life.

Discs are the padding between your vertebrae which are made of a hard outer ring with a gel-like inner circle. You would be immobile without these discs, as these discs provide flexibility and proper nerve function.

Disc Injury in Sartell

A slipped disc is diagnosed as when the gel-like center of a disc seeps out the bottom of a vertebrae. Severe pain and nerve irritation are the two main results of this condition.

A herniated disc is a magnified condition of a slipped disc which results in the gel-like center being pushed out farther. This can cause some paralysis of surrounding nerves and more severe pain.

Disc Extrusion

Disc extrusions are the most severe disc injuries. This is when the inner area of a disc almost completely leaks out or leaks out completely. This results in an overbearing pain or reduction in the range of motion.

Our team at Good Life Chiropractic in Sartell is experienced and trained to help fix and recover you from your disc injury. Feel free to contact us today with any questions and to schedule an appointment for your new patient special.


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