We are one of few Neurologically Based Chiropractors in Central MN!

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This is where you get to talk about your health complaints and health goals with the doctor. This is a great opportunity for us to understand what is going on with your health and if we are the right clinic to help you!

Chiropractic Sartell MN Chiropractic Exam

Chiropractic Exam

We take a look at how your spine and body moves in space. We also look for tension along the spine, pain, and range of motion.

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Neurological Scans

This is a non-invasive assessment we use to analyze the spine at a specific level. This is one of the most important scans we use because it offers a specific approach to analyzing your spine. We perform this scan at each appointment throughout care to monitor your progress and to make sure we are being as specific as possible. Our clients love this part of their care!

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We take full spine x-rays to assess how each vertebra is positioned. The x-rays show how much degeneration is in your spine and where the most stress on your joints is taking place. We do an in depth line-drawing analysis allowing for a more detailed approach to how your spine is positioned and how it is contributing to your health conditions. This is an important piece of information to help solve your problems!

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Muscle Scan

We use surface EMG technology to graph out the activity of the muscles supporting your spine.

Chiropractic Sartell MN Temperature Scan

Temperature Scans

This scan tells us how your nerves are functioning and where there is inflammation along the spine using thermography and infrared technology.

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Postural Analysis

We do an in depth postural analysis to give us an overview of how your body is positioned and where there may be compromise in your posture.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustments

This is the best part about Chiropractic, the adjustment. This will be the start of the healing process in helping your nervous system and body to function better!

Plan on this appointment taking 60 minutes if you are an individual. Add 30 minutes for each family member.



* Offer excludes Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, & Auto Insurance